Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What's Hot Kitchen Design for 2013

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in the house , and home buyers are very sensitive about the design of the kitchen when it went over the deciding factor in buying a property . Busy lifestyles call for a contemporary kitchen and food preparation areas are convenient , time efficient , and flexible enough for a second meal preparation in a hurry and chefs - professional style cooking extravaganzas . Design and equipment used in the kitchen also adds greatly to the overall effect of the interior of the house .

Planning efforts staging your home , the kitchen also had to go with the atmosphere and the emotional appeal you aim to achieve for the property as a whole . Kitchen design and decorating trends are always evolving , so it is wise to have some knowledge about your target customers and what they would tend to look at homes for sale , especially in the area of ​​the kitchen layout and design .

Here are some hot trends in kitchen design for 2013 :

Brass is making a comeback . Brass fixtures , lamps , and other accessories around the house is back in style for 2013 . In the kitchen , faucet brass making waves among homeowners and buyers , and they do not have to cost so much because there are a lot of prices - from the available options .

Make a splash with a colorful wardrobe . Closets and other storage spaces can be painted in bold , bright colors and colors . Brightly colored cabinets attached white or cream background that is very visually appealing and popular with the modern homeowner .

Illuminate the kitchen . Today's kitchen looks amazing with oversized light fixtures , lamps , and the portions are generous and accent lighting statement , adding depth and appeal to the kitchen area .

Large , central islands trendy wide . Homeowners want a broad area of ​​food preparation that meets their fantasies become a celebrity chef . Also , it seems less of a chore when you are very comfortable working space and outstanding . Make sure the center island has a lot of space , lighting and contrasting colors .

Experiment with colorful equipment . While the standard black , white and stainless steel kitchen is still common in modern , contemporary home design which makes room for a variety of colored equipment that mixes fun and flair . Explore the blue or red oven , fridge , coffee machine , microwave oven and who become very trendy among young professionals .

Respond to changing eating habits . Changing lifestyles and eating habits affect the evolution of the schedule . A modern kitchen with a dining table ready ( broad and clear the mess ) and stir bar stools lounge , open appeal , and is very attractive to young professionals who mixes mealtime with the task or conversation .

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