Saturday, July 20, 2013

Quick And Easy Makeover Sofa

Does not really exist like coming home from a long and tiring day at work , immersed in the ultra - comfortable sofa you and put your feet up ! I know this because it was the highlight of my day too . Because it is part of the furniture you immediately go to the end of the day , why not give a quick makeover with a few simple updates and enhancements , such as throw pillows .

Pale neutral design is a popular choice because they can add elegance suitable for your sofa , too , they will easily blend in with the color scheme that you may already have in your living room . Experiment with different textures and patterns and lined draw a different touch to a variety of looks .

Here are some of our special ideas for simple sofa makeover :

1 . Beautiful throw pillows . Many come with a sofa pillow stock , but they generally fit the couch and can get a bit boring after a while . You can go to different retailers that have the throw pillows of all colors , textures and patterns to be more diverse . If you have the time and creativity , you can even choose to make some of your own pillow using designs from the Internet .

2 . Homey throw blanket . A great new throw blanket on your trusty old couch to change this without costing you too much . They are very cost effective , easy to find , and easy to use as well . Of course , during the cold weather throw blankets provide warmth is needed , but another goal is to throw a blanket to cover up stains on the couch .

3 . Sofa slipcovers . In addition to blankets throws , slipcovers are another affordable way to transform your sofa from boring to impress . Many slipcovers are washable so they are also a selection of really good if you have pets or young children . Slipcovers come in fabrics and colors that can complement your home decor already has a different .

If you can sew or you know someone who can ? If so , there are many online sources for the exceptional fabric to make your own ! Making your own sofa accessory not only saves a lot of money , but also allows you to exercise your own imagination and creativity . You have all the freedom to experiment with colors , styles , and fabrics to design your own .

Also , if your couch is quite old and already has a few flat places , patting with extra batting perform many miracles .

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