Friday, July 12, 2013

Benefits of Living in Houseboat

Benefits of living in a houseboat is similar benefits are available for terrestrial home of the grid .

We live on a sailboat , a boat with a screen , in the Caribbean for eight years , it made ​​us very aware of how wasteful life on land compared to the life of a sailboat .

We also recognize the freedom to make your own energy using solar power and wind ... A houseboat has a very low carbon footprint or zero when compared to living on land .

Our floating home is supplied 90 to 95 % of its energy needs with wind and solar power .

We have a 12 V cooling system on board our 35 foot sailboat called , Shadowtime , this cooling is used about 85 % of the total energy consumed .

Our experience tells us that we need 110 to 120 amp hours of electricity in 24 hours when we were silent ... Our stationary and 98 to 99 % of the eight years that we were in the Caribbean .

We have two 75 W solar panel located on the top of our Bimini ... They do not require maintenance , making no noise and no emissions ... With solar panels watt higher today we can be removed our wind generator .

Why do you want to eliminate the wind generator ? It can be noisy , especially at higher wind speeds . It - Catch 22 , the higher the wind speed , the more electricity it will produce , but the noise and vibration will cause you to tie wind generator to restore peace and quiet on board .

When using solar power and wind power your emissions are eliminated ... And because our boat never left the Caribbean we do not have to generate any heat .

As far as possible uses of natural resources is concerned lived in a houseboat teach you how wasteful most people when it comes to the consumption of fresh water in a normal home .

some average family of four in the United States using 400 gallons of fresh water in 24 hours .

Our sailboat has a fresh water tank with a capacity of 90 gallons of ... We found that the 90 gallons will last for two weeks we ... This includes a bath every day , water for washing dishes , and give us drinking water .

Benefits of green living in a houseboat when combined with fun and freedom that such a lifestyle entails, makes you feel more like a good steward of our natural resources are precious .

We went from never stepped foot on a sailboat to live in one of the four years and we can show you how ... You also can enjoy a greener lifestyle .

Dream of life ..

Get a copy of Living the dream ... living on a sailboat in the Caribbean ... It will show you step - by- step , how the two non - sailors , enjoying life during the eight years of safe fun and stay beautiful in their own boat in the Caribbean ... If we can do it you can do it .

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