Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reclaimed Wood For Your Furniture And Floor

When you read a magazine home design , or search online resources or forums that talk about home decorating or staging trends , one trend that will grab your attention is the growing popularity of reclaimed wood to various designs and accessories . Because reclaimed wood is repurposed from earlier , it is seen as a more environmentally friendly and green options rather than having to cut down new trees . With an emphasis on ecologically sustainable option for furniture and flooring , it is not surprising that the reclaimed wood has seen a surge in popularity lately .

There are many benefits to using reclaimed wood , but you also have to be careful of some possible loss of reclaimed wood furniture and floors . Some enterprising people have cashed in on this trend with the deceptive marketing of their products as goods " reclamation " . Before buying something labeled as something that has tereklamasi , they ask for certification from reputable organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council or Rainforest Alliance .

Depending on the source of reclaimed wood , there is the possibility that there are some toxins or chemicals in original timber itself, or as it has been treated and is ready for reuse by the manufacturer . Chemical , paint , preservatives , adhesives , insecticides , lead , and other compounds that may pose a problem for you or someone else who lives with you . Get full disclosure on what toxins may be present in reclaimed wood , and apply the proper precautions .

Typically , furniture or flooring options made ​​of reclaimed materials have a higher price tag because the process entailed before it is ready for reuse . However , you may be able to avoid having to pay more to do the reclamation itself , ie if you have knowledge or have had some prior experience with it .

About the strength and quality of the wood , reclaimed wood is hard to beat . Reclaimed wood can be up to 40 points on a solid Janka hardness scale compared to virgin wood , mainly because it is derived from the old trees instead of the usual first -generation trees for virgin wood . Some reclaimed wood taken from old barns or structures and has stood the test of time and other elements .

Also has a rustic reclaimed wood , a certain classic look . It blends well with antique design and staging plan , but also goes well with a modern , contemporary furnishings , making it a very versatile choice . You will find a variety of designs , colors , and textures that will suit your design or staging plans you have in mind .

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