Saturday, July 27, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Buy New Home

New homes offer many benefits over the older or pre - built . If you sit on the fence about which way to go , let's look at the benefits offered when the buyer chooses they can build a custom home .

Design choices in

When you have your home built your way , you can select the counter tops , flooring , appliances , kitchen and bath cabinets , fixtures , and much more . You really get a custom design how you want your home to look not settled on what was already there . Maybe you want to save money on wardrobe and invest a little more on some nice wood floors . Or maybe you want a tile backsplash behind the stove instead of wallpaper . The options are endless when you have your home built , and you can let your home reflect your own unique sense of style .

Additionally , you can choose the plan of your dreams . If you want a master suite on the main floor is located at the rear of the house , you can get it done . Maybe you want a beautiful , wraparound porch or patio off the master bedroom . Once again , when you have a home built the way you want , it is easy to fall in love .

New home has new appliances that are usually under warranty . With an older home , it is important to factor in the cost of equipment replacement , roof , carpet , and other used goods .

energy efficiency

Houses built today are more efficient than those built just five years ago energy . Builders using items such as double-pane windows with inert gas as insulation . Some builders will even with formaldehyde -free insulation . Owners can see the direct benefits of both benefits in the way of better quality indoor air , lower energy costs , control humidity , and environmental satisfaction .

Perks community

Some communities have a lot of facilities and amenities that residents can enjoy year round . These include hiking trails , parks for children , community centers for social activities , clubhouse with swimming pool , large shopping centers and public schools . Many families are flocking to the community to have their homes built in order to take advantage of all the wonderful facilities they offer .

Occupational Safety and Health

Today's new homes are built with equipment that reflect the latest advances in technology . Of the garage door with a built -in sensor that stops when a child goes to paint and carpets that use a more secure compound , all the more reason to pursue a home built with you in mind .

The point is that when you buy someone else's home , you buy a piece of land designed for them or the owners before them . If you want your home to reflect that you are unique , consider having a new home built for you and your family .

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