Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What's Hot Kitchen Design for 2013

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in the house , and home buyers are very sensitive about the design of the kitchen when it went over the deciding factor in buying a property . Busy lifestyles call for a contemporary kitchen and food preparation areas are convenient , time efficient , and flexible enough for a second meal preparation in a hurry and chefs - professional style cooking extravaganzas . Design and equipment used in the kitchen also adds greatly to the overall effect of the interior of the house .

Planning efforts staging your home , the kitchen also had to go with the atmosphere and the emotional appeal you aim to achieve for the property as a whole . Kitchen design and decorating trends are always evolving , so it is wise to have some knowledge about your target customers and what they would tend to look at homes for sale , especially in the area of ​​the kitchen layout and design .

Here are some hot trends in kitchen design for 2013 :

Brass is making a comeback . Brass fixtures , lamps , and other accessories around the house is back in style for 2013 . In the kitchen , faucet brass making waves among homeowners and buyers , and they do not have to cost so much because there are a lot of prices - from the available options .

Make a splash with a colorful wardrobe . Closets and other storage spaces can be painted in bold , bright colors and colors . Brightly colored cabinets attached white or cream background that is very visually appealing and popular with the modern homeowner .

Illuminate the kitchen . Today's kitchen looks amazing with oversized light fixtures , lamps , and the portions are generous and accent lighting statement , adding depth and appeal to the kitchen area .

Large , central islands trendy wide . Homeowners want a broad area of ​​food preparation that meets their fantasies become a celebrity chef . Also , it seems less of a chore when you are very comfortable working space and outstanding . Make sure the center island has a lot of space , lighting and contrasting colors .

Experiment with colorful equipment . While the standard black , white and stainless steel kitchen is still common in modern , contemporary home design which makes room for a variety of colored equipment that mixes fun and flair . Explore the blue or red oven , fridge , coffee machine , microwave oven and who become very trendy among young professionals .

Respond to changing eating habits . Changing lifestyles and eating habits affect the evolution of the schedule . A modern kitchen with a dining table ready ( broad and clear the mess ) and stir bar stools lounge , open appeal , and is very attractive to young professionals who mixes mealtime with the task or conversation .

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Choosing The Right Dining Room Chairs

We realize that the dining experience is not just about food . Atmosphere and feel of the dining room also contribute to creating memorable moments with family and friends enjoying a meal together . In staging the home , the goal is to create a space that allows prospective home buyers see themselves and their families in various rooms and areas . For the dining room , your dining chair will be a major component of a successful staging .

Home buyers want more than just a functional space for dining or sharing food . As in other parts of the home , buyers want a combination of form and function . What is particularly interesting will be the dining room look open and friendly , and went with the theme of the rest of the house , but also fulfill its primary purpose providing an area for people to eat . Dining room chairs not only items of furniture for family members to sit while eating , but also complement the dining table and the rest of the dining room , and make everyone comfortable while eating .

Style should blend with the house design
There are various styles of dining room chairs , and that you choose should be in line with the plan of staging your dining room , not to mention the rest of the house . For more formal dining area , for example, the dining chairs that will fit or layered velvet with satin cover and an elegant pattern for a tinge of understated sophistication , a pattern that is too harsh or bright color will interfere .

For a contemporary dining room , suggestions will chair the thick pads and covers , including leather , suede , or synthetic materials , because these chairs look great with dark wood or clear glass table . Another option would be for the contemporary dining chairs or booth bench - style seating .

Meanwhile, the minimalist -style dining area , a very simple chair with simple lines and patterns and very little or no detail will blend well . There are also chairs minimalist you can see , without padding , fabric , or backrests , depending on what your table looks like . Dark wood or metal usually used for dining chairs minimalist , and the colors are recommended for fabric or seat covers including white , black , or gray .

Now , mix and match different styles can also work for dining chairs if you can find the right contrast . For example , if tense , formal dining room needs a touch of casual flair to lighten the mood , feeding chair with unique color or design pattern , or even a different dining chairs - the color for variation .

Example for Dining Room Chairs :

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Buy New Home

New homes offer many benefits over the older or pre - built . If you sit on the fence about which way to go , let's look at the benefits offered when the buyer chooses they can build a custom home .

Design choices in

When you have your home built your way , you can select the counter tops , flooring , appliances , kitchen and bath cabinets , fixtures , and much more . You really get a custom design how you want your home to look not settled on what was already there . Maybe you want to save money on wardrobe and invest a little more on some nice wood floors . Or maybe you want a tile backsplash behind the stove instead of wallpaper . The options are endless when you have your home built , and you can let your home reflect your own unique sense of style .

Additionally , you can choose the plan of your dreams . If you want a master suite on the main floor is located at the rear of the house , you can get it done . Maybe you want a beautiful , wraparound porch or patio off the master bedroom . Once again , when you have a home built the way you want , it is easy to fall in love .

New home has new appliances that are usually under warranty . With an older home , it is important to factor in the cost of equipment replacement , roof , carpet , and other used goods .

energy efficiency

Houses built today are more efficient than those built just five years ago energy . Builders using items such as double-pane windows with inert gas as insulation . Some builders will even with formaldehyde -free insulation . Owners can see the direct benefits of both benefits in the way of better quality indoor air , lower energy costs , control humidity , and environmental satisfaction .

Perks community

Some communities have a lot of facilities and amenities that residents can enjoy year round . These include hiking trails , parks for children , community centers for social activities , clubhouse with swimming pool , large shopping centers and public schools . Many families are flocking to the community to have their homes built in order to take advantage of all the wonderful facilities they offer .

Occupational Safety and Health

Today's new homes are built with equipment that reflect the latest advances in technology . Of the garage door with a built -in sensor that stops when a child goes to paint and carpets that use a more secure compound , all the more reason to pursue a home built with you in mind .

The point is that when you buy someone else's home , you buy a piece of land designed for them or the owners before them . If you want your home to reflect that you are unique , consider having a new home built for you and your family .

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reclaimed Wood For Your Furniture And Floor

When you read a magazine home design , or search online resources or forums that talk about home decorating or staging trends , one trend that will grab your attention is the growing popularity of reclaimed wood to various designs and accessories . Because reclaimed wood is repurposed from earlier , it is seen as a more environmentally friendly and green options rather than having to cut down new trees . With an emphasis on ecologically sustainable option for furniture and flooring , it is not surprising that the reclaimed wood has seen a surge in popularity lately .

There are many benefits to using reclaimed wood , but you also have to be careful of some possible loss of reclaimed wood furniture and floors . Some enterprising people have cashed in on this trend with the deceptive marketing of their products as goods " reclamation " . Before buying something labeled as something that has tereklamasi , they ask for certification from reputable organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council or Rainforest Alliance .

Depending on the source of reclaimed wood , there is the possibility that there are some toxins or chemicals in original timber itself, or as it has been treated and is ready for reuse by the manufacturer . Chemical , paint , preservatives , adhesives , insecticides , lead , and other compounds that may pose a problem for you or someone else who lives with you . Get full disclosure on what toxins may be present in reclaimed wood , and apply the proper precautions .

Typically , furniture or flooring options made ​​of reclaimed materials have a higher price tag because the process entailed before it is ready for reuse . However , you may be able to avoid having to pay more to do the reclamation itself , ie if you have knowledge or have had some prior experience with it .

About the strength and quality of the wood , reclaimed wood is hard to beat . Reclaimed wood can be up to 40 points on a solid Janka hardness scale compared to virgin wood , mainly because it is derived from the old trees instead of the usual first -generation trees for virgin wood . Some reclaimed wood taken from old barns or structures and has stood the test of time and other elements .

Also has a rustic reclaimed wood , a certain classic look . It blends well with antique design and staging plan , but also goes well with a modern , contemporary furnishings , making it a very versatile choice . You will find a variety of designs , colors , and textures that will suit your design or staging plans you have in mind .

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2013 Trends of Home Furniture

Furniture trends are always fluid and changing as most other home decor trends . Every year , new and recycled designs , patterns , colors , and visual combination is expressed as the season 's hottest trends in home decorating and interior design . Due to this fact , home staging is also influenced by the latest trends in home decor as potential buyers may find elements or arrangements that they expect to see the familiar in a contemporary home .

While home staging directed depersonalizing the house and make it as neutral as possible to as many clients as possible , it benefits from the integration of the current furniture trends . A staged property that displays intelligent furniture items - selected which reflect popular trends in home design will be able to go head - to-head with another list which also staged for the contemporary home buyer . This is more of a priority for homes in the general area that the young people flocked to , or in urban areas , where the professional district apartment or condo is a common type of residence .

The following furniture trends making waves in 2013 :
Creative patterns and designs in sofas and chairs . For sofa living room sofa and chairs , prints and designs have become very popular once again , especially if it is set on a white background such as a wall . You can throw in a couple of accent chairs with a solid colored sofa set with design patterns to create visual contrast .

Beds come with storage space . Modern bed design combined with a box or a drawer underbed storage space is trending again , with a large number of home buyers choose to downsize from a larger home or opt for a practical option .
Antique furniture and artificial combined with modern arrangements . Many houses contemporary furniture designers and experts are experimenting with the meshing of old and new furniture pieces . Antique furniture pieces or artfully handmade goods from various countries are now regarded as a popular accent or functional addition to furniture arrangement .

Consumers stay away from large and expensive furniture . Consumers who choose to be practical and look for pieces of furniture that are smaller but cost-effective , especially furniture that is functional without taking up too much space or cost an arm and a leg .

White in style . White back , especially as the background color or for finishing furniture . They are easy to arrange and combine with other colors of furniture items , and make the area bright and airy .

People need a home office . Workplace trends also shifted , making it more common for people to work part- time or full- time from their homes . Tables , chairs , and workstations that combine functionality and comfort are very attractive to homeowners today .

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Quick And Easy Makeover Sofa

Does not really exist like coming home from a long and tiring day at work , immersed in the ultra - comfortable sofa you and put your feet up ! I know this because it was the highlight of my day too . Because it is part of the furniture you immediately go to the end of the day , why not give a quick makeover with a few simple updates and enhancements , such as throw pillows .

Pale neutral design is a popular choice because they can add elegance suitable for your sofa , too , they will easily blend in with the color scheme that you may already have in your living room . Experiment with different textures and patterns and lined draw a different touch to a variety of looks .

Here are some of our special ideas for simple sofa makeover :

1 . Beautiful throw pillows . Many come with a sofa pillow stock , but they generally fit the couch and can get a bit boring after a while . You can go to different retailers that have the throw pillows of all colors , textures and patterns to be more diverse . If you have the time and creativity , you can even choose to make some of your own pillow using designs from the Internet .

2 . Homey throw blanket . A great new throw blanket on your trusty old couch to change this without costing you too much . They are very cost effective , easy to find , and easy to use as well . Of course , during the cold weather throw blankets provide warmth is needed , but another goal is to throw a blanket to cover up stains on the couch .

3 . Sofa slipcovers . In addition to blankets throws , slipcovers are another affordable way to transform your sofa from boring to impress . Many slipcovers are washable so they are also a selection of really good if you have pets or young children . Slipcovers come in fabrics and colors that can complement your home decor already has a different .

If you can sew or you know someone who can ? If so , there are many online sources for the exceptional fabric to make your own ! Making your own sofa accessory not only saves a lot of money , but also allows you to exercise your own imagination and creativity . You have all the freedom to experiment with colors , styles , and fabrics to design your own .

Also , if your couch is quite old and already has a few flat places , patting with extra batting perform many miracles .

Friday, July 19, 2013

Tips For Choosing a Home Builder

Once you have decided to build your own house , the most important decisions that will make what you hired builders to complete your project . Many of the advantages of building a new home versus buying an existing structure will be in vain if you do not listen to the builder you desire or have the ability to complete the project to your satisfaction .

Because a lot of people who want to build homes have fewer home building experience , the experience may seem very daunting . You must evaluate and decide who the builder is able to handle your project , but you may not feel confident enough to ask the right questions . To begin your search for a home builder , follow these tips .

Start List Builder Possible

Because you may be paying for the results for years to come , you 'll want your builder should be experienced and reliable , but knowing where to find quality builders can be confusing . Although you have to put a lot of thought into hiring your builder , here are some tips to help you get started .

Contact home builders association ' in your area to compile a list of local builders . Although this list is not going to provide in-depth detail about the candidate or the builder , find the name will help ensure that you know all the options available to you so that you can make an informed choice .

Ask your local real estate agent if they have experience with a local builder , positive or negative . Some people will know the local housing market as they were , so any information they have will give a better picture of who is actively building homes in your area .

Reputation Builder Research

Once you've completed the list of potential builders , you will need to decide which one would be the best fit for your project . You will need to consider their price , reputation , and past experiences in order to determine whether you want them to work for you . Try to find the details of their operations , such as whether or not they have a habit of finishing late or over budget .

Ask for a list of new projects completed so you can see their work in person . Leading builder will be happy to show what they've built , so that any builder does not provide a list of specific projects should raise a red flag .

Talk to many homeowners may consider using your builder . Ask specific questions , such as how close the builder listen to their wishes , if the project goes well , if there are a lot of delays , etc. The more people you can reach , the clearer the picture will develop your proposed builder .

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