Saturday, July 6, 2013

Top Tips for Making Your Home Green

If your electric bill skyrocket bother you , then it is time to make your home more energy efficient . In the last decade , home improvement sector has clearly exploded with environmentally friendly practices and products , which guarantee to save homeowners a lot of money in electricity bills . Green products are basically made from sustainable materials or recycled older , compared with their conventional counterparts . However , with so many green products available on the market , it is not easy for homeowners to make the right choice . Given this fact , given below are some interesting tips on how you can make a home green .

* Evaluate the insulation and siding - An important aspect of green living has decreased one's carbon footprint . This can be done by using lower energy in various parts of the house . One great way to reduce energy consumption is to make sure that your home is properly insulated . Use environmentally friendly or green insulation , made ​​from materials such as wool , cotton , recycled fabrics such as soy , denim etc , is a great way to go . In addition , evaluating the outer side wall of your home with a poke . If your house is old and in need of a face lift , then go for green products , such as fiber cement siding , insulated - vinyl siding , etc. They will last for several years and do not need or very little maintenance .

* Improve the air quality inside the home - People who live in homes that are environmentally friendly with a better quality of air happier , healthier and smarter . One of the best ways to improve the air quality inside your home using a low or zero VOC paints . It is easily available at any home improvement store with almost the same price as traditional paints . In addition, the type of flooring you also determine the quality of air in your home . Traditional rugs , from time to time , trap allergens , mold , pet dander , and dust mites , making it difficult to get rid of them . The worst thing was not deteriorate air quality in the house . The best way to handle this problem is either choosing environmentally friendly carpet with no or low VOC or go for hard floors made ​​of materials , such as bamboo , cork , wood , etc.

* Update date equipment - A kitchen loaded with high-end stainless steel machines and equipment looks beautiful , but the functionality and practicality is more important to consider . Kitchen appliances , such as stoves , dishwashers and refrigerators use a high amount of energy . Therefore it is best to replace old equipment with new, energy star rank .

* Window or door replacement - Those who have an old house with draughty doors and windows , window or door replacement project would be a great idea . It really can make a huge impact on your energy bill . While shopping for a new door or window , go for quality products , such as Energy Star labeled windows , which use recycled materials or sustainable wood , and triple - pane windows / doors , that will keep your home comfortable all year round .

Remember the home renovation is not about spending a lot of money . Even with small changes you can make a significant impact . So , using all the tips exciting and can be arranged to make your home a healthier place to live and be happy .

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