Thursday, July 11, 2013

Top 5 Ways to Save Energy at Home

1 . Switch to Energy Efficient Lighting and Fans

One of the most effective and simplest way to reduce your energy bills for your home lighting switch with neon lights . Skeptics have raised concerns about the environmentally safe disposal of lamps due to their mercury content . However , if you follow the proper disposal instructions , these concerns be addressed fully .

A single fluorescent bulbs can produce light equivalent incandescent bulb costs 70 to 80 percent lower . Therefore , if you change your home lighting complete this form to energy-efficient lighting , you can reduce energy costs substantially . Similarly , installing a ceiling fan or portable pedestal fans to buy your home . This will reduce your need for air conditioning in summer , and it is also a more environmentally friendly alternative .

2 . Weatherstrip Doors and Windows

One of the best lines of defense against the sun's heat in summer and cold winds and snow in the winter is weatherstripping . * Once you weatherstrip every window and door in the house , you will be surprised by how much your energy bills be reduced .

Identify other gaps in your home to reduce the heat like a mechanical chase , mail slot , chimneys , and outlets on exterior walls . Air leakage is one of the key factors responsible for heat loss in your home , so plug leaks .

3 . Keeping a regular basis all Electrical Equipment

Ensure that a variety of household appliances in your home such as a refrigerator , freezer , dishwasher , washing machine and dryer , microwave , and other kitchen gadgets are maintained in exceptional condition and operation .

Maintenance of simple DIY project can do the work for you , or you can make an annual equipment maintenance and repair contract with a professional company . This will significantly reduce the energy consumption of your home during the term .

4 . Use Appliances Efficiently

When you use your washing machine with dryer , try to wash most clothes in one cycle . This will ensure that a lot of clothes dried while the dryer is warm . Similarly , adjust the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer according to the load and cooling needs . If you have a computer at home , set to auto deep sleep mode to save energy when not in use .

5 . Installing Solar

If the environment you receive a lot of sunlight for most of the year , consider installing solar energy devices or solar roof panels to reduce your monthly energy bills . Clean solar energy , green , and renewable . You can also receive a tax credit for the move . Leading by example and conserve the environment while reducing your energy costs with solar devices .

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